Main Problem

Small businesses in the East Oakland to downtown corridor don't have the time or resources to maintain their online presence. Main Street Launch maintains a list of the businesses in the area in Salesforce and wants to create a web portal that they could maintain to help these businesses advertise and keep in contact with their customers, especially during the ongoing construction in the area.


  • Create a web application to pull the data from the Salesforce database and present the information in an way that is easily accessible to locals and visitors of the area over the internet
  • Must be able to update the data in the website data automatically from the Salesforce database
  • Present the information using a web interface
  • Web interface must be easily searchable and navigable
  • Preferably able to use map data to make locating businesses easily


  • Create a web server application to pull the data from Salesforce into a mongoDB database for serving to the web interface
  • Main Street Launch developed with
  • Server application will pull real-time JSON data using the Salesforce REST API and push it to the mongoDB .
  • Main Street Launch server will host all businesses data of East Oakland to downtown.
  • Technology Stack -MEAN Stack, Azure for Web Hosting.

We have deployed our application on Microsoft Azure - check it out-

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