Main Street makes the world feel small again by bringing all the events occurring in your community into one central location. This app enables anyone to share events with others, creating a local bulletin board for events. You will never miss out on impromptu free swag giveaways or be able to say “There’s nothing to do around here,” as Main Street will capture both spontaneous and faraway events. We hope that, like the traditional main street, this one will enable everyone to stay in the loop about events occurring on campus, as well as facilitate more social interaction and support at University events.

How it works

Main Street leverages crowdsourcing and web scraping of Facebook to aggregate campus-wide events. It allows users to post a variety of events from impromptu ones (i.e. "Free water bottles in Clemons!") to faraway ones ("Luke Bryan's Concert, Coming in July"). The Google Maps and feed views enable users to view events based on geo-location, popularity, and date in order to decide which ones they should attend.


Unfamiliarity with Swift resulted in very slow progress.

What's next for Main Street

We hope to be able to implement a "recommended events" page which takes into account factors like the user's schedule, previously-attended events, etc. Furthermore, we would like to be able to scrape data from other social media sources like Twitter.

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