Let's imagine that we have

PERSON 1 - Very Important person (you) with 99999999 mails per day. All people want to send email to you

PERSON 2 - Wants to tell you smth. You didn't know it. PERSON 2 want to get your answer as soon as possible.

PROBLEM: How to sort mails and allow PERSON 2 to do something with it BLOCKCHAIN :)

SOLUTION: Chrome Plugin for GMAIL that will help PERSON 2 to make a stake on mail. PERSON 1 will get it prior to non-stake or to smaller stake.

WHY: If somebody can stake 1000$ for 3 days just to write you - it means that that person has something important. So, that make more incentive to you to read it and sort it by stake amount.

SHORTLY ABOUT IT: Sort emails by amount of stake that people put to email using Chrome Widget. You can send special email too!

Inspired by origin of PoW and Nick Szabo article And HASHCASH

Explanation about nominations:

We Use Wyre to bring Dapp to mass adoption and allow people to buy crypto secure, reliable and legal with Wyre widget

We believe that popular people can claim stake and donate it to charity organisations. It's an economic and social initiative for everybody. Person 2 get attention. Person 1 will be happy by making charity over it. (UNICEF INNOVATIVE)

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