People spend lot of time in juggling between mails everyday, waste time in searching what was the last conversation they had with their potential leads before sending a new one, group emails are biggest headache where you wouldn't know what is going on in the group emails and prioritizing the mails and its tasks are still a myth.

Slack is making teams life simpler with user friendly communication tool and Trello makes work management simpler with boards of to-dos. But when it comes to communication outside the team(eg. assume you are an HR and trying to fish talent by sending out mails & offers to many leads, would you do it on Slack? No, You have to email the lead, see what was the previous discussion and adjust the context to it.) and prioritizing tasks directly from emails, its impossible with Slack and Trello.

Today, still emails are the dominating the communication space. So we build MailPep using which you feel like Slack and Trello with emails to be more productive.

What it does

  1. All your conversations with a person in one place like in Slack or Whatsapp.
  2. Removes all the distractions in a mail and gets you straight on to the point.
  3. Prioritizes your mailbox just like you do in Trello.

In Detail,

How I built it

Tools and Software I used,

  1. Office 365 APIs
  2. Android & Android Studio
  3. Awesomeness... ;)

Challenges I ran into

I started the project with Microsoft Graph v2 preview APIs so that I can code for both personal mailbox and businesses mailboxes. But one fine day, I couldn't able to login due to some technical issues. I informed support and help reached me late. So I had to rework completely to integrate Office-365 APIs as they were working fine.

Time was very short as I started working from a week back.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I started as a hackathon app but when I realize the real potential of this app, I am building a product on it. Stay tuned, would be releasing Alpha version of MailPep.

What I learned

  1. Managing to get things done in short time.
  2. Easy to develop on Office-365 APIs
  3. Lot of things in productivity sector are still unaddressed, need to be fixed. (I would work on it)

What's next for MailPep, Energizing your email.

I get excited to answer this question. As an entrepreneur and still there is a major scope in productivity sector, I want to build this as a real product (as its a MVP here) to help people to rewrite their productivity.

With the help of right people and proper funding, we would make it big and oneday we want to see you using MailPep for better productive life. Fingers crossed

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