I wanted to see how far you can go with Webflow, learn something new and have fun :)

What it does

It's inbox but reverted - open to the public. Each message is one new work published. From field in the message list is "client name", and the message subject is work headline

You can add new work, and write more in the body, show off links, images, embed videos from YouTube.

When you click the Compose button, it will bring you a new modal window, but its functionality is reverted. You can input your email in the From field, Subject is subject and you can enter a message body. It works, if you click the Send button, I'll receive that message (if I don't hit free Webflow forms limit :)

You can close the new message modal, you can browse only Featured posts (work) and search messages - but it doesn't work on the free account. Sorry :)

How I built it

100% Webflow, icons are from and font is

Challenges I ran into

Having to little time. I've started today, had a bit more than 5 hours to make everything...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I've launched in time :)

What I learned

That you can make a real app UI in Webflow

What's next for Mailfolio

Responsive view

Built With

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