Why we built Mailboxen?

We are strong supporters of internet security and privacy. Emails stored by email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail have been submitted to authorities without a search warrant (via the Stored Communications Act) and without user notification. It is time for users to take ownership of their emails, and decentralize the internet again.

Current problems

Secure and reliable mail servers are difficult, tedious and time consuming to set up and maintain. Most people either resort to giving up their privacy by using free email services and paying the overhead of administrating their mail servers.

Target users

For anyone who values email privacy and small companies to reduce sys admin overhead.

Why use Mailboxen?

  • Easy to setup: your mail server is up and running in under 5 minutes.
  • No hardware required: it runs in the cloud.
  • Privacy: user has full control of who have access to the data.

Additional feature: Security

  • Mailboxen can use any filesystem for backend storage: including open-sourced GlusterFS, NFS, etc.
  • For additional Security, user can choose to use a secure filesystem with end-to-end encryption (e.g. ObjectiveFS).

Why you should NOT settle for the current solutions?

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