Notifies you when you receive or remove a package!

as done at Citrus Hack 2015!

The Problem

Have you ever been stuck away from home waiting for an important letter such as a credit card or your UCR parking permit? The anxiety overwhelms as you wonder "is it here yet?" or "I have a short break coming up, maybe I have time to stop by and check..." AND THEN you use up your break and it's not there!

What if there was a way to know FOR SURE that your letter had arrived?

Great news everyone!

Mailbox Notifier has arrived!

With Mailbox Notifier you'll know exactly when your mail has arrived!

No need to use an expensive internet-connected camera for such a simple task. Mailbox Notifier uses an Arduino coupled with an Ultrasonic sensor to detect when mail has been dropped into your mailbox.

The hardware

Mailbox Notifier uses an Arduino, an Ultrasonic sensor, and a serial connection over a laptop to monitor your mailbox.

Two LEDs serve as a physical indicator that you have mail if you don't have access to your computer.

The software

Mailbox Notifier runs a program on the laptop that monitors the serial port for incoming data from the Arduino. If mail has been received, the laptop updates a webpage running on a localhost server to let you know that mail has arrived.

Other applications

While our presentation today is specific to our mailbox, the application can be ported for other purposes that require monitoring if something is physically present or not, for example to make sure that delicious cake is still in your fridge and that your roommate hasn't stolen it... yet...

The Team

Henry Doan Joel Gomez Kurt Kreeger Tianbi Zhang (Casper)

Thanks for using Mailbox Notifier!

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