Traditionally, someone would have to take notes from the meeting discussion and send those notes out to all participants or audience as meeting minutes. But its time consuming and error prone!! And time is valuable, time is money, so we are going to simplify this. We make meetings hassle free, we make sure everyone gets to know clearly and precisely what the meeting is all about

What it does

  • Making meetings hassle free
  • Making the most of every meeting
  • Saving the valuable time and hence the money (time is money)
  • Getting every bit of information from the speaker
  • Allowing the speaker to correct later incase he provided some wrong info
  • For young professionals, removing the fear of meeting
  • To make sure everyone who attended the meeting are in the same platform

How we built it

Using Angular 7 as a front end framework for single page application and, Node.js, Express.js for handling back end operations as mail, converting audio file to text using IBM cloud Watson speech to text API and MongoDB to store users data in the database.

Challenges we ran into

Stucked at converting blob audio file to .wav or mp3 file and having difficulties with authenticating API keys.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Converting Audio file to text.

What we learned

Angular Routing, Angular Reactive Forms, GCP, IBM Watson, Speech to text API, Send emails to multiple recipients using nodemailer using node.js.

What's next for Mail Me Meeting

We can scale this with mobile devices to receive the meeting notes as Text messages

Similar technology can be used while attending the meeting over phone calls.

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