Inspiration Not knowing when something important like a refund check has arrived.

Team Name: SJSU No. 1

Many online retailers such as Amazon automatically notify customers when their packages have arrived at their doorstep. Unfortunately, this capability has not been extended to that of non-package mail. The idea behind this proposal is that a lot of us often miss important mail such as new Driver’s license, SSN card or tax form amongst other ads and other non-important mail. We do not know when important mail has arrived and therefore tend to casually glance over our bundle of mail without knowing for sure that something key has arrived. And we are glad to find out USPS now provides the service that we can preview what mails are coming in online based on the Informed Delivery service. USPS automatically scans envelopes and update images for envelopes for the enrolled users’ account for their incoming mail. So our idea is to leverage up this service to run image classification using Google Vision API or other machine learning and natural language image detection techniques to help USPS customer identify their important mails.

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