List of emails as always but having some analytics applied to them.

What it does

It shows your INBOX, SENT folders and tells you the 'sentiment' analysis results.

How I built it

Grabbed the great Context.IO Node.JS to work with API 2.0. Sentiment analysis is run by HP IDOL OnDemand. Then used jQuery and metro ui to build the client.

Challenges I ran into

Layout of elements to show the most at a time without overloading the UI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Running searches on IMAP running them on Node.JS and combining contents with HP IDOL OnDemand.

What I learned

From my point of view, my initial version had a heavy loaded layout. I think that it is cleaner now :)

What's next for Mail Glasses

Running more analytics for email. Be able to send emails from the app.

Built With

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