Think about what you go through when you check your mail. You open the app on your phone. Scan through dozens of unread mails, trying to see which one catches your eye. Very often, you miss a mail. Most of the time, your inbox is cluttered.

If you're not just checking your mail routinely, you're searching your inbox for an attachment. That order confirmation, the photo of your dog, a scanned copy of your passport, something. So why don't Mail apps have attachment browsers?

And finally, every glance at your inbox causes you to wince at how many useless subscription emails are flooding your inbox and the amount of time it'll take you to unsubscribe to each of these.

These are the problems I see in our email usage, and these are the problems I set out to fix.

What it does

As mentioned earlier, Mail+ aims to make your email management easier by focusing on 3 problems: • Cluttered Inboxes: To deal with this, Mail+ shows you a Highlights view each day showing you the mails you missed. You swipe left to archive it, and swipe right to leave it in your inbox. That way, no mail gets left out, and you get rid of the useless emails. One more thing Mail+ does

Finding Attachments and Photos: Mail+ lets you browse, search, view, share and save all the attachments and photos in your email.

Junk Mail and Subscriptions: Mail+ displays intelligently gathered tags next to your email so that you always know what mails are important. Also, if Mail+ (using Context.IO's API) detects that you were emailed because you're on a subscription list, it also shows you an unsubscribe button.

How I built it

Mostly, by spending a lot of hours exploring the Context.IO API and then many more hours on Xcode.

Challenges I ran into

•UI Conflicts between the UINavigationBar and CAPSPageMenu.

•Having to use UIWebView to display messages meant that HTML content would almost always be too large to fit the screen.

•Load times

•100 Message Limit in API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

•User Interface

•Modifying Swipe Cards (Open Source Library) for the App

•Fixing the UIWebView size problem

What I learned

•A lot about UI design

•Multi-threading in iOS

•Correctly Using Delegates in iOS

What's next for Mail+

•Multiple Account Support

•iPad and Android Versions

• Watch App

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