one of our team members, her uncle is a farmer and he was complaining about how it is hard to find connections with retailers and how it is unfair for him to put a lot of effort and money in his land and can't get good prices. so he was thinking about stopping farming and using his land in something else. so thinking about our statistics regards the crops importing and how much the vegetables and fruits became expensive we found that if each farmer had chances to market his own crops and found good supplies in good prices he won't only be satisfied but also his crops will be produced in a good quality and that will subsequently affect the market prices and serve the society needs.

What it does

Connect The farmer with The buyer and The service provider with an easy way. Help in simplifying the cycle of agriculture and reduce the food waste.

How we built it

We used a cross platform code engine to build the application

Challenges we ran into

we had a very limited time to implement the app, improve the idea and test it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we was able to find an idea and develop it within 3 days.
  • we was able to manage our time and tasks to reach our goal.
  • we developed an application that we believe that it can make a different.
  • for just 3 days we can thing in a different way and from others point of view.

What we learned

  • working as a team
  • the value of food and why we shouldn't waste it
  • the great effect of farmers in the society
  • how much we can positively affect

What's next for Mahsoul

  • has aid offices in each location to easly support farmers whenever they need help .
  • has collaboration with a bank to create bank account for each farmer to be able to support payment online

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