Pesticide use helps plants, but it can get messy & unsafe. Improper use or application also puts Hawaii's environment and land health at risk. We want companies to disclose what they are spraying and intend to make the process easier to track. This way we can continue to promote agricultural sustainability and minimize the harmful risks and effects of pesticide exposure to the local food we consume.

What it does

As a solution to the Department of Agriculture (DOA) challenge, our team wants to help with the logging and tracking of pesticide use on Hawaii farms. Our goal is to have a very user-friendly product that simplifies the logging and record keeping of pesticide use (Core function). We also want to provide useful information on pesticides and farming, creating another information resource (Sub function).

This app allows farmers to track and log their pesticide use without having to deal with messy paper work.

How we built it

While establishing the concept and creating a prototype UI, our back end developers worked with firebase and put into consideration the different API's that would compliment the app. It was then translated through xcode via "swift" for ios use.

Challenges we ran into

Time was the biggest challeng. Some of the features such as "creating the lot" and "drag & drop" pesticides were difficult to complete in the amount of time given. Also completing & incorporating into swift, a database structure/ field to backlog that saves and tracks the records proved difficult to complete within the given time frame.

Working around everyone's different schedules and availability proved the hardest part.


For our different schedules, we had pretty good communication.

We are also proud of our demos and design elements!

Lessons learned

We learned about the harms and importance in pesticide use and how important it is to promote agricultural sustainability.

For project management, we have learned to further break down and specify the back-end tasks so there is no confusion and delay on who is working on what part.

Whats next for Mahi Spray

We want to fully complete and perfect the Mahi Spray App so that it is put to use! Once our basic functions are done, future potential functions would include: 1.) Notifying the user if pesticides are being improperly applied or used near schools or other risk zones 2.) Create a cross-platform app and a web app so that the product and data can be used and accessed from any smart device. 3.) Deploy it to the rest of the world!

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