MagneTalk: Augmenting Human experience and Human Machine Symbiosis through wireless sensor interfaces

Ever wanted to know what a person desired to say before they even said it?

MagneTalk can be used in various fields ranging from healthcare to daily routine settings. This project is primarily designed to recognize vowels and also help patients convey remote messages of pain wirelessly. People afflicted with facial paralysis, patients in certain medical settings unable to convey their needs or even those with minute stutter can undergo numerous hurdles in communicating in their daily lives. Silent speech can upgrade their quality of life to a great extent. In other environments, simple sentences or commands could be freely exchanged between two individuals or human and machine.

Using Magnetalk, users can say what they want to say without needing a voice - also known as silent speech. The magnetometer can sense minute fluctuations in their facial muscles and vocal cords. Different resonants in the audio domain can be classified using these minute fluctuations.

Built With

  • amazon-alexa
  • arduino-101
  • cloud-api
  • data-analysis
  • dragonboard-410cs
  • iot
  • magnetometer
  • signal-processing
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