You meet up a person , could be anywhere , at a cafe , a stadium or in one of your travel diaries , you want to know more about the person , get acquainted with him , but you feel skeptic about giving your number , mail or similar personal info , then this is the APP for you . Give them their your magnetize Id .

What it does

A user signs up with his display name ( the name he wants other users to see him ) and is given the choice to enter a 4 digit numeric pin as his magnetize id . It's allotted to the user if it's free , else he's asked for another pin . Upon successful signup , he can give his magnet id to strangers , text with them , get to know them much much better without risking sharing personal contact info . A user can find a fellow magnet user only with the second person's magnet id . It's as simple as that , even we don't ask for your contact number for verification purposes ( if you know what I mean ) .

How I built it

Signing up creates a user on both magnet and parse platform . Parse is used only to track if pin is available and to map up to other magnetize users . Messaging is accomplished purely by use of Magnet 1 to 1 APIs .

Challenges I ran into

Running a background service to keep track of incoming messages from a new user when the app is not in memory .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Clean , simple messaging UI , Visually appealing SIGN up page

What I learned

Parse , Magnet API , android background services , Material UI changes

What's next for Magnetize

Release the app into PlayStore , add status and profile images for users , add emoticons to messages .

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