I got inspiration of making this app when i decided to make a device called "follow me luggage". In follow me luggage the luggage bag will follow us anywhere we go so it requires various mathematical concepts so in order to develop it i started it with making this app. First time contributing in open source project.

What it does

This app will give me geo direction (North, east,west,south,north east,north west,south east,south west) as well as latitude longitude of the same point .This will act as a server. Now in other client app, i have same app but it is receiving signal from server app so that it can synchronize itself with respect to the server app and when both app are in same direction it will show "align", so this is how the luggage bag with gather the location and follow the person. Hardware connection which i am using is BBC:micro bit

How I built it

I built this app in android studio , it is my first project , it is the combination of software and hardware components. I made two apps as server and client . Server app will be with the person who is travelling and the direction will be calculated and on the other hand in client app that will be in luggage bag will be synchronizing itself with respect to server app. Hence it will follow the traveller.

Challenges I ran into

Hardware concepts , mathematical equations of solving distance between two app, used BBC micro:bit for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that it was my first project being a second year student and completed it fine. Thanks MLH

What I learned

I learned Android Studio, Coding inside Micro:bit, mathematical concepts Open source Projects

What's next for Magnetic_Compass

launch of a new product "FOLLOW ME LUGGAGE" This project have not been created by anyone in India.

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