Was going toy shopping, as one does, when I walked by this old childhood game. A feeling of nostalgia swept over me as I remembered catching the little fishes with the tiny rod that is more fit for hamsters than humans. Suddenly I imagined what if this were more adult sized, how funny would that be? Now here we are, making it happen. Or at least trying to :)

What it does

At the moment it's just a circular wooden platform with holes atop of 4 wheels that is meant to be rotated by a motor.

How we built it

Still working on it! There's lots left to do :)

Challenges I ran into

No major challenges so far, then again we haven't tested out anything yet either....soooo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How good we've been working as a team so far - go us!

What we learned

There wasn't a ton of room on the platform for all the fish we were anticipating on adding.

What's next for Magnetic Fish Spectacular!

Building the fish out of mixing bowls, making the smart rods and testing the mechanics of the spinning platform.

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