What it does

The magnetic color sorter is a small-scale robotic manipulator system that can pick up user desired color metal cubes via an app on the wireless device and place the desired objects on top of a mobile unit (Turtle Bot) to be delivered to a prespecified way-point and return home. The objective of our project is to demonstrate that using Computer Vision we can identify various colors, get their relative positions, and use that information to actuate the necessary joint angles needed for the manipulator to sort the cubes onto the mobile unit.

Design Goals

-Control the system remotely using Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB including An Automatic Mode where the user selects which color boxes to pick and Manual Mode, where the user can manually move each of the servo’s angles.

-Make an electromagnet and controller circuits that will pick up and release metal objects at a programmed location.

-Use OpenCV, a computer vision program library, to identify green, blue, yellow, and red objects.

-Use moments of the object to return in the centroid of a colored object and get the coordinates of the object.

-Actuate the robotic arm using a kinematic model to pick up the desired cubes placed in a grid of no more than 2 inches by 2 inches.

-Be able to specify an array of way-points to make the mobile unit (Turtle Bot) move to the defined way-points and afterward return to its home position within a 3-meter range.

-Be able to operate the manipulator to collect all colored cubes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We integrated all of the subsystems to make an entire project.

What's next for Magnetic Color Sorter

Project was successful and have no future plans.

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