-Many game developers such as Rovio seeks additional sales from toys. On the other hand toy manufacturers, for instance Lego, has tens of millions game downloads, but neither of the companies have not been able to combine the two industries seamlessly. Our mission is to bring traditional toys into mobile games.

What it does

-Our technology transforms toys into game controllers by combining existing technologies. By using the compass in your smartphone, it is possible to control mobile games using special controllers that have embedded magnets.

How I built it

1) Idea

Mama, it would be cool to play mobile games with physical toys!

2) Proof of concept

Yeah it is possible! We downloaded a magnetic field detector to iPhone and witnessed how the Phone reacts to magnets.

3) First prototype

With a couple lines of code, we were able to move a tiny object on the screen with a magnet.

4) Minimum viable product (first game)

After a long night and some desperate moments the first game (pong) was born.

5) Second game

We implemented the controller into another game that we designed and made the controller work more reliably.

Challenges I ran into

After the first prototype we begun to seek how to magnetometer responses to object’s location. After all, we had to dig pretty deep into mathematics to make the algorithm work reliable in all three different sectors. It took several cups of coffee and many f*uck words, but finally we managed to get it rock.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Firstly, we are proud how we accomplished to make a fairly well working game controller in just a short time. Secondly, we proved that it is pretty easy to implement the technology into other existing games.

What I learned

Our biggest learning experience was how we can combine different technologies and our personal expertise from different fields. On top of that, we found out that you can get an overdose of caffeine.

What's next for MagControl

We will continue the software and business development next week. After some necessary improvements we will approach game developers and toy companies.

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