Mind Blowing Fact

Time perceived by Humans is relative.

The Great Idea

Magna Carta Reinvents the traveling experience.

It improves the quality and perception of train rides.

It Works Like This

The value of the post card is combined with an innovative way of capturing personal and unique moments during travel into an app.

1) Capture a Photo of the Outside or inside the Train

2) Add Colorful Filters to your Photo for Personalization

3) Integrate "Greetings from CITY" by automatically Grabbing Cities from GPS

4) Put a Time & Coordinates Stamp into your Post Card

5) Write a Message on the back of your Post Card

6) Worldwide Sending through public Postcard API

7) Pay directly, 7 days delivery

How we built it

We built the Photo Editing Component for the Filters and Stickers, grabbing GPS from Here Maps and the Local Phone to create finished Post Cards and then connected it to the Pokamax API to forward the booking process.

The booking can actually be made, and it will already be processed and sent world wide.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding that time is relative for human beings and has to be approached differently.

Combining the API with the Photo Collage Effect. Integrating the GPS and Here Data in a seamless user flow and experience.

Creating something more enhancing than a regular digitalization of a post card.

Finding the Innovative touch points for people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Thinking through the whole process to make it smarter and better.

Coding bugs like NPM React connection with Synergy Frameworks and GPS based integration into the visual collage editor, parallel API addition.

It can actually create Revenue from NOW.

It's actually a problem solved, even though it's not as big as autonomous trains or planes.

The technologies used are very important for the use case and not just add-ons or features.

What we learned

Neurophysics is a very interesting topic.

What's next for Magna Carta

Present to Representatives from Cities, Countries and Transportation Companies to make a Project out of it.

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