We got inspired by looking at the gas breakdown of simple transactions and how frequent these are on the network.

Just in August we have seen 6.2M transactions that used more than 21000 and less 44500 gas. These transactions represent 57% of the smart contracts executions and they have a large gas overhead, batching these transactions can have a great impact on the overall gas utilization.

What it does

Maglev is a service that allows you to batch those transactions into a single transaction and avoid paying (20k+ gas) for the initial gas cost, instead it will be split among identities that were in a batch.

How I built it

We've built a wrapper around identity contract ( that verifies signature for each transactions we batch and then executes eider call opcode to that contact with given data.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging low-level assembly code and parsing of input data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Saving up to 30% of gas usage because the initial gas cost is split between transactions sender, therefore allowing more transactions to be executed on-chain.

What I learned

That we need more Ethereum dev tolls and better documentation :).

What's next for Maglev - Ethereum Tx Station

Implementing gas analyzer for even lower fees, adding fromBlock and toBlock input parameters for on-chain verification.

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