We had like a super long description created but when we submitted the DevPost there was an error. So now we have to write everything from the beginning because "Oops, something went wrong". We had a long meme story explaining our problems with 3D printers, our lives, Xamarin, Soy milk, Servers, pocket knives, etc.

What it does

Now nothing because the server stopped working and our app is just an interface. One of us has bad karma. Or all of us.

How we built it

With tears, suffering, despair, and very basic coding skills.

Challenges we ran into

Too many.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having so many pieces that work but do nothing together.

What we learned

Not to use Xamarin ever again, or Photon, or downloading Visual Studio in the middle of a hack.

What's next for Magik Pill


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