Inspiration,what inspired me the most is when I see people making use their talent in drawing and design,am always amazed about that,also remembering about my potential as an artist,this pushed me to desired for more with some artistic works suchs drawings, making of cards and design which am about to take to the next level.

What it does,its an artistic work which can be shared between loved ones or any one you felt you wanna give it to

How I built it,its take a lot time in crafting out a single design such as my art work,so I built it through the use of some artistic instruments such as straw board,she board,markers, pencils,cutting blades,etc

Challenges I ran into,finance is always a problem in this,you don't actually needs a sponsor its a thing you can start with a little amount of money,but the major problem is motivation. How you are motivated is based on the kind of environment you are living in,if people there are buying such materials or not,this is the major problem I faced as an individual in my artistic works

Accomplishments that I'm proud of,making of greeting in large quantity for a marriage purpose and how lovely they are,followed by the appreciation and works giving to me after that.

What I learned,never to give up no matter what the circumstance

What's next for Magictouch art design and computation,moving to the next step,online advertisements and so on

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