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We've all had this awful checkout experiences in the physical stores all the time, standing in line, cash payments, regular cards not working, so we thought what if one could just walk in a store, gather all the products that they need and just pay using minimum interactions. Meet the ...

Store of the Future - Powered by Rapyd

Frictionless checkout and payments in cashier less self-service stores.

Real world Use-Case

We optimized every step in the checkout experience and thought about how to make the user have the a minimal interaction from start to finish. A few days of brainstorming about the user flow was critical.

From walk-in to exit there are only 3 steps involved - get your products, pass trough the scanning gates and scan the QR code or use the NFC spot to securely pay for the products in just a few seconds. It's so fast that our video it's more about how we built it rather that showing it work - 30 seconds from walk-in to payment processing.

The RapydShop store is it's own POS and can achieve this by using RFID readers built in the exit gates. The RFID tags on the store items are magically read by the gates and the items are displayed on the gates display, showing the total to be paid by the customer. An ESP32 acts as the RFID reader interface and collects the tags ID'S and sends them over serial COM port to an Go based software POS Manager.

The RapydShop POS Manager software manages the reading from the readers, the inventory and the payments - all in one .exe application ready to run and be deployed in hours for every new store. It also contains all the local frontend.

The local frontend shows us the scanned products dynamically in real time and calculates the sum to be payed by the customers then generates the respective payment QR code or sends it to the RFID interface for payment with an phone.

Challenges we ran into

First 2 weeks have been dedicated to building the physical concept model and this included 3D CAD design in Fusion 360, preparing the model for 3d printing and post processing. Due to overall large size we had to split up the store concept in 4 parts, glue and sand and spray paint everything. Hardware is hard , but we feel that this approach will enable a new way to view hot payments and physical store could look like in the future.

We're proud of

Having a full month of hackathon enabled us to make a real life model and concept, in order to test a real use case and how the tech can work. The hardware and software integrations went smooth as we conquered every little milestone we set-up, so we can have the project ready in such a short time. We are really proud of the collaboration that we had in team as we worked in different countries.

What's next for RapydShop

We are actually planning to maybe refine a bit the pop-up store and the project, and send it your way (like, yup, the real physical model that we built). It would be a massive recognition for us if Team Rapyd would consider having our project displayed in their headquarters. We believe that this would be a great addition and also be a great demo for the visiting partners and a way to better show the Rapyd Payments capabilities and how can be used to power the future of retail. Please reach out if you want to see a remote live demo.

Meet the Team

Moldovanu Ionut - Innovation Consulatant and Hardware Hacker - LinkedIn - Romania

Alexandru Lucian - Full Stack Software Developer - LinkedIn - Netherlands

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