had the idead quite some time and the MPC(more personal computing)-hackathon was a perfect opportunity to build this

What it does

it tracks person using kinect (sdk) it finds the projection wall, locates the projection area (using screencap) and the projects "target" (laserpointer) where vector from arm and wall meet

How I built it

  • kinect sdk (track person and find "arm"-vector in 3d space
  • pcl (find wall equation in 3d space using kinect depth data)
  • opencv find projection on wall (using kienct rgb stream and screen cap from connected monitor)
  • lot's of math (mapping projection in 3d space) ## Challenges I ran into
  • mapping coordinates from different sources (depth, rgb, kinect body data) ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of -basically finished the project alone in 24 hours ## What I learned lot's of c++ and opencv ;)

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