Connecting people in need with volunteers willing to help, with the ease of technology.

What it does

The project is dedicated to families supporting a member diagnosed with cancer disease. Using a mobile app, people in need can request different types of help (accommodation, transport, custom request). Based on location and other details, registered volunteers are notified and they can accept / refuse to fulfill the request. The app then shares the necessary details in order to facilitate the communication between the involved parties.

How we built it

Using React Native, then Ionic, .NET API, passion and courage to change everything halfway through.

Challenges we ran into

New technologies, pressure. Changing from react to ionic to react, sticking with ionic in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mobile development

What we learned

You never learn unless you try.

What's next for MagicHELP

Completing the application based on the attached wireframe.

Testing Instructions

  • Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the MagicHELP team area
  • Open the "My App" application
  • Here you can do the following: ** login with / 123asd (MagiCAMP account) ** login with / 123asd (volunteer account) ** register a MagiCAMP / volunteer account ** create an "Accommodation" (Cazare) request type with a MagiCAMP account ** accept / refuse an "Accommodation" (Cazare) request type with a volunteer account

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