The inspiration for creating @sign for Apple was that recently apple had two events and they have launched great products no doubt. So we thought of creating an @sign where folks can take a quick look at the products which also contain important links.

What it does

This is a place where people can access both videos of the latest products and also they can click on _ Shop _ links which will redirect them to the apple store. We have also embedded a page which has some latest news, especially about Apple.

How we built it

We built this project using @wavi and HTML

Challenges we ran into

The challenge we faced was that @wavi is a mobile app and we were supposed to add the code through mobile so it was a bit time-consuming to share the code from one device to another and then implement the same.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that in spite of having a limitation that we can only use HTML we tried our level best to make the @wavi as interesting and useful as possible.

What's next for @magicfunctional

We will try to keep updating the content and also try to add some more features like music and some other amazing content which will make the @wavi more amazing

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