We have been to London two weeks ago. It was really impressive but as we were there just for sightseeing we had to head back too Austria (too) soon. During this trip the idea of having a live webcam behind your desktop was born. Your desktop could be something like a magical "window" and help you to feel like actually being there. Especially as devs were spending a lot of time in front of our desktop. We then thought, why shouldn`t we expand the idea to other things like adding a widget for twitter feeds, weather forecasts and so on? Your desktop could get pretty useful and act like an info-screen. We also thought about interacting with your desktop through gestures.

What it does

It puts webcams, twitter feeds and other informations right behind your desktop. We designed it to be expandable, so everyone can develop "extensions" for our app by using only html, css (and for functionality js)

How we built it

There is a native component build with objective-c and a web component build with html,css & js. The web component has been deployed to google`s app-engine.

Challenges we ran into

The linking between the native and web component. To stay flexible in order to be able to develop "extensions".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It`s working. Even though we had no WIFI for about 6 hours :D

What we learned

How to use Googles App-Engine. Weve never used it before, so it was some sort of a challange, BUT the awesome Google mentors helped a lot.

What's next for MagicDesktop

The next step will be, to build more "extensions", improve stability and the UI (which is currently not that awesome, but it will be)

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