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We chose this topic because we have abilities to finish it after evaluation. In addition, this topic is related to statistics, and one of us is familiar with this field. We also think alien species is a common problem all over the world. However, this problem can be solved once the real-time monitoring app is established. Therefore, we chose it, and made it.

What it does

Magicarp is a online solution which allows researchers to moniter the environment conditions whether are suitable for Asia carps to reproduce. At this time, three kinds of carps are supported: C. idella, H. molitrix, and M .piceus.

First, users need to go to /sites/new to add your targeted site number and the corresponding unimpounding length. The site number can be found in the following map (, and only the sites which have data of water temperatuure and streamflow are supported. The unimpouding length you must specify by yourself.

Then go to the index and input your targeted site number and specify a date. The relevant result will show below. The right part is the summary of the targeted site. Status will become loading after you press the submit button, sometimes it required several minutes. Status ‘success’ means the searching is successful. And the left part is about the environment conditions whether is suitable for each kind of fish. There are five kinds of status: not suitable, minimally suitable, suitable, very suitable, and highly suitable. In addition, there is a bug I do not have time to fix if you query the data today, it will average the data from 00:00 to now, but it won’t reaverage the data the next time you make the same query. The solution til now is deleting the record at /records and resent the query.

How I built it

I use ruby on rails and some front-end packages, and use the USGS api.

Challenges I ran into

I found it is not easy to integrate everybody’s ideas, especially when everyone comes from different fields. We have to come up with a consensus in a short time, and provide a prototype for solving a specific problem. Communication is difficult, and so is programming skill. However, innovation is much more difficult!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Use the 48hr to create a program from zero to finish, let four people work together, no matter that four people don’t know each other before this competition.

What I learned

Apart from programming skills, the most important thing I learned in this contest is to communicate with people from different backgrounds. We use different languages but try to solve the same problem. It’s fun to work as a team and learn from other people, especially the ways they see the world.

What's next for Magicarp

Firstly, we are going to compile longitude and latitude data, and put every station on a map. In addition, streams and rivers will also be added on the map. Then, we will use different colors to show that if the rivers are suitable for carp or not.

Secondly, we can apply statistical analysis to forecast the status of stations in the future.

And thirdly, this program is applicable for other cases with similar objectives. Once the models are established, we can apply this program on any case.

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