The Rabbit Hop AR worlld effect filter shows rabbit jumping animation triggered by touch. You can also use pinch zoom to scale the scene, tap on the to view random animated effects and sounds.

With popularity of Instagram filters, I want to try new tool using Spark AR to share my interactive creation with the world. So I came with the idea to test out workflow of 3d assets imports, shader and particle animation.

I used existing and new models I build. The model assets are sculpted in Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter, and animated in Blender. Using some physics library (cannon.js), custom animation scripting, and build in color patches. For sound I use the build in and license free sound clips.

Initially, I had some challenging time adjusting to new tool. Having worked with full featured game engine Unity 3D, I find the simplified scripting API limiting.for certain effect I want to achieve. For example, I can't find simple way of spawning instance objects within the script. I had to reference the pre-created objects in the editor. Find workaround for simple logic using node graph logic that's won't connect with mismatching data types. Also learn new ways to exchange data between Node Patch visual programming and scripts

After familiarizing with the capability of Spark AR and concept of reactive programming, I find it easier for quick effect creation. I look forward to create more effects in the future for my Instagram page. Perhaps expand the demo into a working interactive Easter Egg catching AR game.

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