I have two nieces and a nephew, they completelly inspire me. as their the aunty i m always trying to teach them something. I was testing this my elder niece Sofia in spanish, and I love to see her curious face looking for the word and finally see her so happy after she found the Magic Word.

What it does

This is a Game that challenge the kids to find the word that Alexa selected (Magic Word) based on some clues that Alexa will be providing. The clues start with number of letters, with which letter it start and finish or some other description. Once kid found the magic word, they will tell it to alexa and Alexa will score with 5 points, If use four clues will get 3 points and 1 if guess it after it. But In case they want to know which one was it, Just say, Tell me the Magic Word!

How I built it

The back end was coded on Lambda using NodeJS, based on the "Get Fact" template. Logo credits:

Challenges I ran into

The time, definitely , Wish I had a little more of it. Other challenge was to find the way to make sure we catch diff pronunciations of the letters of the alphabeth.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished the mi first skill and I have some more in mind.

What I learned

I learn that programing for Alexa is really fun. You can see and play with the result so quick, also learn that is a complex process, but is rewarding.

What's next for Magic Word

  • Add More words and Levels, and Make it More Engaging by Adding Better Music and more Memorable moments.

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