Motion gestures sound generator

Magic Trigger turns ordinary objects such as bottle, books, flip-flops into toy weapons. Grab some object, image its a weapon and start shooting! Magic Trigger will detect different gestures and play previously selected weapon sound.

You can use between 6 different weapons such as:

  • gun
  • machine gun
  • grenade
  • rpg launcher
  • shotgun
  • knife

Gesture activation

  1. Magic Trigger is using your smartphone speaker to make the sound louder. Just open both smartphone and smartwatch applications. To activate sound for gun, rpg, shotgun just immitate a weapon recoil by pulling fast your hands back and a little up. For a knife just imagine stabbing something

  2. To throw the grenade just pull the pin and throw your object. Remember you have only just 3 second to do this!

  3. In order to activate machine gun make fast movement back and forth with your imaginary 'machine gun' toy.

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