I wanted to create an entertaining and educational Amazon Alexa skill for children. Ideally, the skill would drive highly engaging sessions with children through the use of interactive games, amusing content, and delightful audio, while delivering memorable educational content. The skill would also encourage a daily open and repeat usage through wide optionality and unpredictability.

What it does

The Magic Pet Skill allows children to adopt their very own virtual pet!

When the skill is first launched, the user is asked to select a name for their pet to personalize the experience. Once the name has been selected, the magic pet will transform into a random animal. From here, the skill opens up to a multitude of potential activities to engage the user.

The user can take care of their pet by taking the pet for a walk or giving the pet a snack. The user can have some fun with their pet by playing interactive games. As the user spends time with their magic pet, Alexa will share three interesting animal facts. Once the facts have been heard, the user can take a quiz to test their knowledge.

Each of the potential activities the user can perform with their pet are enhanced by distinctive audio. Children will be surprised and delighted by the sounds that accompany the activities of walking, feeding, and playing with their pet.

The skill currently includes three interactive games: "Guess My Number", "Rock Paper Scissors", and a version of "Simon Says". Each of these games could actually be full fledged skills by themselves, but they are instead integrated into a single immersive experience offered within the Magic Pet skill.

When the user is done engaging with the skill for the session, they can say "stop" to quit. At this point, they are encouraged to return to the skill the next day to have their pet transform into a different animal.

If the user opens the skill the next day, their pet will transform into a different animal to provide a surprising new experience!

How I built it

This skill was built using Python 2.7 programming language. The skill is hosted on Amazon Lambda with digital assets stored on Amazon S3 and database service provided by Amazon DynamoDB.

What's next for Magic Pet

I built the skill to allow for future expansion. I can add more interactive games to the skill, allow more options for taking care of the pet, and/or add more animals to the skill. Expanding the skill in this fashion would keep users engaged and active.

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