We were inspired by the numerous posts we saw online related to smart mirrors. We wanted to make our own twist, however, and came up with the idea to have the mirror suggest an outfit based on the weather.

What it does

The mirror is reflective like a normal mirror, except when a light from the monitor is displayed behind it. Light shines through the mirror, allowing one to view the mirror with lit-up information. We integrated an Amazon Echo to give information when we say, "Alexa, ask Magic Mirror what I should wear today".

How we built it

One of our team members had an Acer monitor and took the bezel (frame) off of it to make it more flat. We learned from our research that while two way glass is a very common method of making smart mirrors, it's more expensive and harder to obtain. We ended up using privacy film by Gila that we purchased at Best Buy, which has a similar effect to a two way mirror when applied to plexiglass (which we also bought at Best Buy).

Challenges we ran into

We had a number of problems, including that the monitor was not working. We purchased a new DVI-D to HDMI converter at Staples that allowed us to establish a connection to the monitor, but some pixels were still distorted. We weren't sure if it was the monitor or converter that was broken, but we decided we would just work around the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a smart mirror! After brainstorming that was our goal, and after the numerous setbacks we were unsure if we would be unable to accomplish that goal. As you'll see, in the end, although it wasn't perfect, we created a working "smart mirror".

What we learned

For most of us, this was one of our first real explorations into hardware. While we didn't really do much actual hardware hacking, it was a step forward as we learn more about that area. We also learned more about using a raspberry pi.

What's next for Magic Mirror

I (Jonathan Saewitz) plan on continuing to build new features for the smart mirror, with the goal of adding one new feature every week.

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