While a mother-to-be in a developed world has many access to resources to learn more about their pregnancy, there is unfortunately a limited number of ways for a woman in a developing country to receive the same support. Magic Midwife aims to make information about the pregnancy process accessible to anyone with a phone and SMS service.

What it does

A possible mother-to-be can text a number, which will then respond with a series of information and choices. For example, the woman can press 0 to look up the symptoms of pregnancy, or press 1 if they are already sure that they are pregnant. From there, the woman can either choose to call a doctor for an appointment, or enter their due date if they already know. The app then calculates how far along the woman is into her pregnancy, and automatically sends weekly texts to tell them what to expect and a few tips, as well as a computer generated image of the baby's progress.

How I built it

Using Twilio API, Python, and Flask.

Challenges I ran into

Whilst setting up an outgoing text system is easy, it is harder to collect data from receive texts and process them. To do so, we must first deploy the Flask app onto a web engine, which we didn't have time to do.

What I learned

This is my first time using the Twilio API, and it was exciting to see its wide variety of usage and applications.

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