A memory palace is an ancient technique to remember.

The inspiration was to make this ancient technique, a personal imaginary world both easier to create and curate, but transformative by allowing others to share this personal imaginary world. Images, experiences, objects brought into a place to share and experience.

By importing and mapping events and objects, you will be able interact and curate a memory palace. Using the Magic Leap to adjusting, adding and removing your memories and events in a real space. No advanced visualization techniques needed.

What it does

The memory place imports sets of media using time, location and other associations into your current space. You can curate the space, placing a precious moment into a nearly hidden nook, laying out an epic adventure along the family hallway, bringing treasured pictures grandpa into the wood shop.

Using input from the current environment, a user chooses a personal data source. The media items (a shared photo album of an event, a tracked athletic event, a first date, a 3d photo, or 360 video) are then laid out into the current AR scene.

An interaction mode allows the user to move, place, and associate objects. Like a art gallery curator with magical powers.

Sharing a memory palace gives another person the ability to view, interact and experience the memory palace in the same location. But a memory palace can also be shared into an alternate location. Mapping similar environments with objects from another. A similar table top or hallway in one location shows the same memory palace as another.

How we built it

Actively investigating Creator, Lumin SDK, Lumin Runtime, Unreal Engine, and Unity Using extensive experience with media meta data and libraries to access information, including album and event data feeds Service for mapping events, associations and meta data onto AR objects Extensive experience creating 3d models, stereo photography and 360 environments

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Magic Memory Palace - curate, share, explore memories

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