I have a dream to Keep MLK Jr's Message Alive for Future Generations in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

What it does

I just did a Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr in Magic Leap Augmented Mixed Reality Glasses. When you play the Magic Leap App in The Augmented Reality Glasses, a large holographic Video Media Player plays a video MLK Jr. Speech I am streaming from Cloundinary Video Cloud Hosting. You control the Media Player with the Controller and AR Laser Pointer feature. I added his photo also as an Image UI Element.

How I built it

Magic Leap Lumin OS, Unity, C, C++, C#

Challenges I ran into

UI Alignment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Streaming media from Cloudinary Video Streaming Storage Platform. Creating an experience in Magic Leap for MLK Jr. Day and Social Good Media. Doing projects in Magic Leap AR MR Glasses and having that capability to create and develop now and see the result in the Mixed Reality Spatial Computing Realspace in Realtime.

What I learned

More Magic Leap Dev understanding.

What's next for Magic Leap Martin Luther King Jr. AR MR Experience

To Get funding to build this project out more with Animated 3D Objects and more Interaction and visualized realtime data. Integrate Watson Speech to Text and Translate in 7 languages to text on Magic Leap AR Glasses Screen.

Built With

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