Magic Leap Home Remix is a Mixed Reality Internet of Things (IoT) experience which allows users to interact in new ways with everyday objects around their homes. Through utilizing Magic Leap’s spatial computing, we plan to develop a platform to allow the device to recognize IoT-enabled household items and other smart devices to trigger a visual interface which enables the user to interact and monitor the connected home environment. Important information regarding a specific device or sensor can be displayed in the environment by simply looking at it. We also plan to explore how the user can have deeper interactions depending on the context as well as utilizing Magic Leap One’s different input modalities. We also will create the ability for users to spatially connect different devices together in order to create a custom web or system in the living environment. This would allow for connections never thought possible before between mundane objects. For example, a user could connect a smart light to a music player, so when they change one setting on the light, it changes a setting on the music. This is a very scalable concept with many opportunities to combine devices as long as they are connected.

Technical Details

This is a proof of concept application for the connected home. The primary goal of the app is to provide a 3D spatial UI for cross-platform devices and to interact with them using gaze, eye tracking, gesture, and/or magic leap controller. The interfaces to control in-home smart devices can be contextually placed or accessed through a god view mode.

All the devices/actuators will be connected to the server hosted on Raspberry Pi Zero through WIFI. Magic Leap application will also connect to the server to send/get actuation/information to the devices.


Magic Leap Interaction module on Magic Leap WIFI Client to send 3 actuation and read status information from raspberry pi zero w server Raspberry Pi Zero W WIFI Server to send/receive information from magic leap Embedded code module to send actuations to motor driver or the LED strip Android Phone Media App WIFI Music Server android app with a simple playlist to receive requests from magic leap

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