I was running into a gas station where i had to use the restroom. I was quite shocked to see the hygiene of the restroom. I wondered how about using a proximity sensor which is cheap and can be installed easily. It also came to mind that this could be a great asset in hospitals and other places where the contaminations, infections from body secretions can be greatly reduced while spending very less on the proximity sensors. So, came back to the hackathon and used the bare conductive paint to design a proximity sensor.

Our project has a protoype of a door with black conductive paint behind it connected to the arduino. The conductive paint senses the capacitive touch and proximity sensor such as hand or human body depending on the scale of the door and paint. The output signal from the paint is being sent as input for a Servo motor which pulls the door OPEN. once it reaches the angle given , it comes back slowly to CLOSED state.

We used a bare conductive paint as a capacitive sensor and servo motor to pull the door open.We used the cardboard as a wall with a door built into it. The door carved in the cardboard is being painted in the back with bare conductive paint and a cable laid on the paint which senses the motion as a pulse and sends it to the arduino.

Challenges we ran into

We are proud to establish a proximity sensor out of just paint and ~25 lines of code. We also tried to make our own paint using charcoal and oil paints. Which we experimented and looks like it works out as capacitive touch sensor

Conductive paint is a great product and it can used to reduce infections in hospitals and used instead of wires around the house. Can be used to switch lights and use to record motion like walking people, number of people in the room and much more.

Improve the sensitivity and go for large scale device productipon

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