I build the project to show basic details behind the scene of making Alexa Skill with Java SDK

What it does

The Magic dice Alexa Skill gives random numbers for board game players.

How I built it

I read tutorials, API references and documentation, looked through code examples (mostly available on Java Script).

Challenges I ran into

Even though I have an experience building an Amazon Lex chatbot (on the hakathon in 2017), I found number of unclear details and bottlenecks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I decided to share this experience - I build a video-tutorial.

What I learned

The voice control is a powerful and very natural interface to get an information and services. It does not require to learn platform-specific gestures or hardware, like keyboard (with its hundred keys, its modifiers and combinations), mouse (with button left/right/double-click and mouse-wheel operations), etc. Voice commands frees from keeping the interaction tools (keyboard, monitor, smartphone) next to the user. People with limited abilities - to learn and operate with hardware interaction tools, mentioned above, are able now to use regular way of interaction, uniform between people and information infrastructure.

What's next for Magic dice Alexa Skill

Magic Dice need some improvement - to keep the session, so a user do not have to request Alexa asking the Skill by its name every time. Magic Dice also might have a settings, like number of dice and range of numbers. It can also keep track of the number history and react accordingly, to provide emotion like respond.

Built With

  • alexa-skill
  • aws-lambda
  • java
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