Magic Chopstick - Cat Hacks 2016 Project

In our project, we utilize a Leap Motion Controller to sense motion in 3-Dimensional space. We use Wolfram Mathematica to transform the user's input in real time into dynamically visualized plots. Using this data, we provide options to: 1) Draw 3-Dimensional curves and analyze these curves 2) Draw 2-Dimensional curves and analyze these curves 3) Draw a signature and store it for use in PDF files 4) Use Mathematica's API to train a Classifier on multiple user's signature, then have it classify new signatures as they come in as one of the existing users The first two functionalities provide powerful tools for analyzing curves, and the last two are useful applications that could potentially be expanded to include forgery detection, secure login, etc. Thank you to Wolfram and Leap Motion for the use of their technologies, and to UK ACM and the sponsors of Cat Hacks 2016!


Built With

  • mathematica
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