When we thought to build up something on magic theme. We decided to bring magic in education and one of our team member gave an idea of AR for education. Then we figured out that AR can bring magic to learning and we started our project Magic Book.

What it does

It is an AR book that can give the Three Dimensional view of the anything that student are learning and it is really versatile and can be implemented on different sectors of learning. Some of its Possibilities that we have described on demo too are:

  • Kids can view the 3d model to get actual information about the topic they are reading.
  • Difficult Languages like Chinese,Japanese with lot of Storkes and illustrations can be visualized using * Magic book like we have created and characters like Kanji on japanese language can be read well using those 3d model system.
  • Musicians can learn chord. A separate interactive book can be made for musicians so that it will play sound of the chord they are reading or play the notation that they are seeing on the book.
  • Difficult subjects like Science,Astronomy and many more that you name it can be made fun and interactive to learn and understand the core concepts.

How we built it

We built it using Unity, Vuforia, and some C# scripting. First we made a 2d image target that we wanted to detect, then we collected different model suited for the project and then we aligend the model accordingly. We uploaded all the images to Vuforia which allowed us to detect whether it is augmentable and easy for us to add on unity projects. We downloaded different models from assets store of unity and then royal free sfx from freesound for the guitar sfx.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest part we felt was exporting it to apk because it was throwing a lot of errors on SDK and NDK. Finally with lot of searches we were able to export it as apk on android app.Moreover, it took a bit longer time for us to make Virtual Buttons for the Magic book but the result was satisfying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud to build something magical on tech that has so many possibilities in future. AR is one of the emerging technology and we are really happy to build project related to Education on that topic.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Unity and C# scripting as we all didnt have that much experience on AR development but our idea came into real life and whole project was a great learning experience.

What's next for Magic-Book

We are planning to add more immersive features like Video Player Support, Navigating through the Mobile Camera, Rotating and Moving Objects through Virtual Buttons when camera is on and so on.

Since the file of Unity was on GBs, We uploaded as a zip on google drive and also uploaded the apk file of the Project.

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