Our entire team loves playing around with the magic 8 ball and letting it uplift our self esteem (or destroying it in some cases). However, our butter finger hands tend to drop the ball and the process of vehemently shaking the ball grows tiresome and tedious. Therefore, we decided to build an app that gives the same satisfaction of shaking a magic 8 ball, but this time it also has even more enjoyable messages!

What it does

Our magic eight ball app asks the user for a yes or no question that is on their mind. Then, with a click on the magic ball, an answer appears to the question and the user can find out what action he has to take. This app can be very effective for people who are indecisive as a simple answer can go a long way. This app is also great for just playing around with and it is especially useful in raising one's self esteem by asking questions such as, "Am I the greatest person to ever live on planet earth"?

How we built it

We initially decided to create this product through python as we were all generally familiar with it, but we were not satisfied with the outcome and wanted to create a better UX. Hence, we decided to build an iOS app through the use of XCode and Swift.

Challenges we ran into

Our entire team had limited experience with Swift so we had to research the language immensely before we could begin building our app. We were all new to building UI through storyboard on XCode so we had to experiment with that as well. Not to mention, different team members had classes at different times (in addition to being in different time zones) so it was also difficult to coordinate with each other to work on our project all together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to complete our project in the 24 hour period especially considering the fact that this is either our first or second hackathons. Apart from that, as we mentioned before, we barely knew anything about Swift before, but we each pitched in and did some learning while using Swift, and we were able to successfully make an app!

What we learned

We learned a myriad of things during this hackathon such as how to code with Swift and utilize XCode. We also gained great experience from this well organized hackathon and we especially learned greatly from the workshops held during the hackathon.

What's next for Magic Eight Ball App

We can expand on our project by including an animated background in order to create a more vivid environment, implementing a ball rumbling animation and a sound effect when the button is pressed to enhance the UX, and distributing our app to users around the globe through the app store so they can enjoy our creation.

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