After speaking with a T-Mobile representative about what pains them the most, we discovered that their were alot of customers that spend unnecessary time waiting in line for a quick purchase.

What it does

Magenta Pay allows you to scan in-stores products, see descriptions and checkout via a mobile cart without ever having to speak with a store representative. This allows you to skip the line and avoid waiting before people with lengthy transactions like new service and lease purchases.

How we built it

The app was built with Xcode using Swift and Open Source Frameworks. The backend is built on AWS Codestar/Elastic Bean Stalk

Challenges we ran into

No access to the direct T-Mobile e-commerce products through UPC search, so we have to use Amazon UPC search.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Architecture, Design, and App with backend built in 10 hours
  • Solving real world problems that T-Mobile can implement soon

What we learned

  • Most customers know exactly what they want when they come into the store, asking them to wait in line for a simple purchases lowers the customer experience. With some wait times being over an hour, T-Mobile is losing money by not getting these "quick" customers out the door faster.

What's next for MagentaPay

T-Mobile rolls this out for Uncarrier promotion and increases customer satisfaction and gross margins.

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