Targeted methyltransferases are a fresh breed of bio-engineered proteins bound to be the next big step forward towards the first-ever treatments of epigenetic diseases--including diabetes, mental retardation, and cancer -- if they are engineered to work. Our App employs computer vision algorithms to automate the collection, accelerate the analysis, and reliably quantify gel electrophoresis data. Computations by MaGellin's MatLab programs enable our screening of these proteins to be cheap, fast, and high-throughput. For the first time, we can view quantified data in MaGellin's graphical interface instead of eyeballing photographs of gels. When you are trying to get to know a protein, there's nothing like speed Gelling to help you do so! Our high hopes are that other teams working in the space of epigenetics will reap the same benefits of MaGellin's efficiency while screening their proteins. Not only will we release the App for download, but the data collected from all of our gels will be open for others to learn from.

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