Time management is so difficult when you forget what class wants what and or when it's due. With Manage Your Time we've created a website that will allow you to organize your work for school, sports, etc.

What it does

It's a planner with blank spaces for you to put/organize what assignments or plans you may have for that day.

How we built it

Using html5 we created the code for the login-in page that would take you directly to your homepage. At the homepage, before seeing the calendar, we gave helpful tips to people who need to learn to manage there time. In the text, we've embedded a link that takes the user to a calendar for that week. In the calendar, it will have slots for the person to put things that they would need to do that week. At the very bottom of the home page, we have out contact information for someone to contact us if they had a question.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble making the calendar because the code was so complex and we also faced issues with a lot of the CSS because it wouldn't match the code we had put in. Plus finding a place to start building the code was also a struggle, since, this was the first website we had made from scratch, but thanks to the mentors we were able to fix these issues. Not to mention, is an amazing website.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We were baffled and amazed by the quality of the website and that we could even make it because coming to this hackathon, I never thought we would get to the point we were since we had very little experience. Especially, by how Bobby and Toby were able to make the login and sign up page. It's quite impressive for people who bearly even knew what HTML was, to begin with.

Manage Your Time

function validateForm(){ var; var password=document.myForm.password.value; if (name==null||name==&quot;&quot;){ alert(&quot;Name can&#39;t be empty&quot;); return false; } if(password.length<6){ alert("password must be at least 6 characters long."); return false; } }





What I learned

As a team, we learned how to make a website. Knowledge is power. Being able to code is very valuable in this technological age, so this skill will carry us in life.

What's next for Mage Ya'lls' Time

We're going to have fun, now that we've finished our task at hand. THE BEAUTY OF TIME MANAGEMENT!

Built With

  • codepen
  • css
  • htlm5
  • textpad
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