Mage Vanguard started as a VR Game Jam entry... I made all four milestones, and am continuing development.

Post Milestone 4:

I wanted the environment to be richer, so I made some rocky cliffs, new trees, a waterfall, custom animated water etc... the mage sanctuary. New Mage Vanguard Environment

Phoenix Spell

improvements since milestone 4: new phoenix spell with new hold down to release code; improved fire ball spell utilizing one collider instead of two-- fireballs also twirl around each other as they move forward; mage proportions are better; new camera animation that eases to the last few frames so the user takes a more comfortable journey in the intro; changed the shader for the cape and banner-- now both are two sided; blazing sword model and animation (code coming); translucent fairy wing material; concept art completed for richer environment; light map testing; "" URL domain purchased

Lightmap Test

I've decided to prep for commercial release of the game for hopeful release in the Samsung VR app store. Continuing progress on the game. I've created a new "phoenix spell" which, when you hold down on the Gear touchpad, materializes a blazing phoenix before your hands, and launches it at the enemy on release. Taking time to summon a phoenix, of course, makes you vulnerable to the other baddies. Sometimes it's the simple things that get you when coding. Tap to launch small fireball, hold down to launch pheonix-- yeah-- a few iterations. (Image will be added to screengrab section.)

Blazing Sword

A quick visual creation of a blazing magic sword has been created. Swipe code integration coming for melee and other spells. Working on it. Swipe down, materializes blazing sword. Priorities include the following: optimization, improving gameplay with more spells, more enemies and boss fights, and developing the art more. I experimented with lightmaps a bit more. I have to research issues of defining prefabs with lightmaps and the prefab not storing lightmaps. (This issue is why the gameworld has a lightmap and the title world does not in the VR Jam entry. I'll work it out... though light maps are ballooning up the file size. Main camera is now animated with an "ease to" final position element so that the user is not jarred when it stops.

If I win any money from the Jam, I'll use the money to get some help with any areas that are lacking-- i.e. the video/some code. I can up the wow factor on the graphics with more time. All of the IP establishing stuff (mage/fairy) was rushed. (I'll also get a new pc for development and new drawing tablet as my old one "purchased the farm" a bit.)

Milestone 4 Be the mage. in Mage Vanguard (Think super hard VR shooter. (Skip the first paragraph below if you, as mage, need little motivation to blast foes attacking your keep.)) The vampire king, Count Drakar, has amassed an army from the nether world. Drakar is attempting to reclaim land taken from him by the Realm of Pelinore a century before. Drakar is bent on first destroying the king's most powerful mage, you. Can you defend your keep against the minions of Drakar?

I made this game as a lone developer (design, code, and a lot of 3D art (main character, keep, fairy, terrain, vegetation)), and also helped out on another VR team project. It was extremely challenging, and I loved every minute of it.

My game uses a combination of touch pad (swipe and tap) and gaze input. Players can select to either tap or swipe the touch pad to launch projectiles at the many foe. To make interaction easy on the user, I stripped the UI down to its essence.

Giving all the graphics another iteration, boss fights, many spells, a choice between at least two helpers. and more enemies-- I wanted to get all this in there, but alas I'm one developer. It's coming, but I've been up all night the last hours of the jam (and working late in the night for weeks) give me some time to sleep. Onward. Give it a go. It's fun.

(I decided in the end to go with fantasy instead of sci-fi theme.) Milestone 1 Hyperwingshot will be a gaze shooter with an intense/frantic pace. My main goal is to create a virtual reality gaze shooter that has a factor. We'll see. A lot of the details are to be determined. Milestone 2: Hyperwingshot is moving forward at a good pace. A prototype is done. Unity makes it a breeze to do. I'm looking forward to bringing the world to life.

Milestone2: Done: Projectile code with tap. Projectile prefab. Dummy targets. Viewpoint/weapon setup.

To do: AI, better projectiles, models for targets/environment/menu/win-lose code

Much fun was had making this so far. More to come. Onward.

Milestone3: There is a lot to do yet. Completed more work on AI flexibility with more options in unity. It's coming along. I know, it's a bit rough right now but we'll see what happens...

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posted an update

VR Mage Vanguard is now a Google Cardboard App available to download!!!!! Yeah!

And if you can hold off on purchasing that new sports car, go ahead and spend the pennies to grab the full version. Believe me, on android you will be among the few to purchase anything. How does Google keep that thing running? I digress. No in-app purchases! :

The following link to the free demo includes one level, so you can't beat the final boss Count Drakar. That's right, go ahead play it for free, and let Drakar rule the kingdom of Pelinore. That's on you:

(To play on a Gear VR, just flip the docking tab so that it doesn't insert and use a bluetooth controller's button A to shoot.)

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