For a long time, I've wanted to make a game where you play as a mage, casting spells with hand gestures and dealing damage to enemies.

What it does

The game is supposed to be a first-person battle game. At first, you would only be able to fight AI characters in a dungeon or arena, but eventually, I'd like to add a multiplayer mode. All playable characters are spellcasters.

How I built it

Originally, it was going to be built with Unity and the Kinect, and be a first-person dungeon crawler. Right now, I want to give hand gestures a go with the leap motion, and make this a fun VR experience. First-person 3D games are first-class citizens of VR Gaming.

Challenges I ran into

This will be a whole new experience to me, so I am aiming for a simple prototype. Unity, Google Cardboard, Leap Motion, all are new to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming soon! I hope to learn a lot about VR design and game design in general.

What I learned

Coming soon!

What's next for Mage Arena VR

Multiplayer! Better graphics. Polished AI, gameplay and interface.

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posted an update


It seems there was a rule I hadn't read when I decided to join the Hackathon. The thing is, I am using the Leap Motion for controls, but Leap Motion is not approved. I will still try to make the game, so I'll keep the page here. :)

Good luck to everyone participating!

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