The strategical game Mafia which includes from 7 to 10 people interacting with each other

What it does

The application consists of a client-side Android application which displays the different interactions. Everything is handled by our server using a client-server architecture

How I built it

We started from creating the back-end server on NodeJs. We used to create a bidirectional connection between the clients and the server. Our Client-side was handled by an Android App written in Java using Android Studio. We also used ngrok for connecting the android app with the node.js server

Challenges I ran into

Using sockets instead of polling constantly a database(server).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully recreated a popular role-playing game implementing different computer science techniques such as client-server architecture

What I learned

We learned a lot about sockets and how to effectively use them. We also touched a bit on networking in trying to connect our back-end and front-end.

What's next for Mafia

We will continue working on the project by extending the available roles you can play with.

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