Plan Canada Community Health Workers are Overworked.

After finding out that CHW's in Bangladesh are visiting 600 homes per month, and are also responsible for communicating curated information to patients that can be crucial to their survival, we thought they could easily be helped using relatively straight-forward technology.

Patient surveys are done directly on the CHW's smart phone or tablet, automatically processing responses based on a pre-determined rubric to classify patients based on risk.

The patient page shows any actions needed to be taken for patients on any given day. The patients are ranked based on risk, but can be filtered for things like location or being postpartum.

Touching a patients name shows their reasons for being high risk, and allows the CHW to edit messages that will otherwise be automatically sent to the patient using Twilio. Many of these patients are illiterate, and so the option to call is available. Choosing the option to call brings up talking points to be used.

The CHW can update the condition or risk category of a patient at any time. Certain text messages contain questions with suggested answers (ex. answer "1" for bleeding), which can automatically update their profile.

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